Georges St-Pierre: “I’m Hanging Up My Gloves For A While”


UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (25-2) made a surprising announcement, following his split decision victory over Johny Hendricks (15-2) at UFC 167, revealing that he plans to hang up his gloves for a while and stating that he has personal issues outside of the octagon that he needs to deal with.

“I have to hang up my gloves for a little bit,. Thank you to the UFC for giving me the chance. I am very emotional.”

When pressed by UFC commentator Joe Rogan as to whether or not he was retiring from the sport, GSP was reluctant to give a straight forward answer, stating once again that he needs to take a break for a while and and deal with some personal issues, while also saying that he suffered from memory loss during the back and forth fight.

While the split decision victory for St-Pierre came as somewhat of a surprise, with many people, including Joe Rogan, feeling Hendricks should have got the victory, it will go down as not only his ninth consecutive title defence but also gives him the honour of becoming the winningest fighter in UFC history with nineteen victories, breaking the previous record of eighteen that he shared with UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes (45-9).

Georges went on to say that he will explain more in near the future, but unfortunately could not attend the start of the post-fight press conference after going straight to the hospital following the fight.

UFC President Dana White showed his displeasure at GSP’s announcement during the press conference, stating that it doesn’t make sense to him and that Georges owes it to the fans to either continue defending the title or retire. Dana also made it quite clear that he felt Hendricks should have been given the decision victory and that he fully intends on convincing Georges to return early so that he can set up a rematch between the duo.

Georges attended the press conference around thirty minutes in, after returning from the hospital, and when asked to clarify his post-fight comments he stated that he couldn’t right now, while adding that he would never turn his back on the UFC. Georges went on to say that he gave it everything in the fight and that he left his soul in the octagon.

You can check out the press conference here.

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