Nate Diaz Is Not Impressed With Your Performance


The brash man from the 209 certainly wasn’t shy with his thoughts on the UFC on Fox 10 main event between former UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson and former Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Josh Thomson.

Last nights fight was wack first of all these guys are here to cause confusion I’m here to put these ass whoopins down to there maximum effect and u got these guys out there havn a wrestling match they’re smiling an shaken hands and havin a good old time instead of fighting and this shits putting me to sleep thats not what i signed up for nobody wants to watch that shit and it’s definitely causing confusion to the fans and fighters I don’t know who’s judging these fights they shouldve both lost the fight Then u got the other motherfucker playing his hollywood roll on the sidelines in his #sillyasssuits gettin paid to sit there and state his bullshit opinion like anyone gives a fuck you been here like 2 years and pulled out of half ur fights so I don’t know why u think ur callin the shots how about you win another fight or 2 and then maybe you can fight me motherfucker… ps. I thought thompsons bitchass won the wrestling match …

It seems as though Nate is upset at the current state of MMA judging, who isn’t, confusing wack fights, and is still lobbying for a shot at current UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis. ¬†Although he looked impressive in his most recent stint inside the Octagon, defeating Gray Maynard via first round knockout, the reality is he is at least a couple wins away from getting another crack at the UFC lightweight title.

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