Johny Hendricks Yet To File VADA Paperwork Ahead Of Georges St-Pierre Title Fight


Johny Hendricks

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In July we reported that Johny Hendricks (15-1, pictured) and Georges St-Pierre (24-2) would both undertake VADA (Voluntary Anti Doping Agency) testing ahead of their UFC 167 main event clash on November 16th, but according to French-Canadian website TVASports, that may no longer be the case, with Hendricks having failed to fill out the official paperwork which would allow VADA to monitor the Oklahoma native leading up to the bout.

Hendricks had previously said that he would have no problem with VADA testing, suggesting that the worst thing they would find is some extra protein from his organic diet.

“Heck ya! The worst thing that they’re going to find is a little bit of protein in my diet. If eating wild hogs and organic deer meat and a little bit of glutamine is bad for the ol’ system then I might fail.”

While Hendricks is under no obligation to take part in VADA testing, with participation being voluntary,  it would certainly put a bit of a dampener on things and likely lead to speculation as to why he has had a change of mind from his previous statement. Georges St-Pierre, someone who has been accused in the past of taking performance enhancers, was very much in favour of VADA testing, stating that it would help take the sport to the next level.

“I invite all the high-profile athletes in the UFC to do the same, I believe it’s a good thing, it’s a pain in the butt sometimes but I believe to [improve] the sport and make the point it’s the next level to do it [VADA Testing] and I’m ready to do it and set a good example.”

VADA normally ask for an eight-week window to test athletes ahead of a bout, so with the fight only a little over two months away, Hendricks will need to fill out the correct paperwork in the next week or so in order to be eligible and for any meaningful tests to take place. As stated in the TVASports article, the testing is set to cost more than $20,000.

UFC 167 is set to take place on November 16th at the  MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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